A commonplace book of sorts.
"Pain has lost its refreshment for me. If I were offered all the glories of the world or all the torments of the world, one would move me no more than the other; I would not turn over to the other side either to attain or to avoid. I am dying death."
Soren Kierkegaard (via silencemadenietzschecry)
"O the consolation of being able to thrust aside and cast into oblivion every tiresome intrusive impression, and in a trice be utterly at peace!"
Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations, trans. Maxwell Staniforth (via sleetsheep)
"This is why it is sometimes hard for introverts to find words: we really hate to compromise, and words are always a compromise."
Laurie Helgoe, Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength (via poetry-and-tea)
"Too late. The sweetness of sorrow and of love. To be smiled at by her in the boat. That was most beautiful of all. Always only the desire to die and the not-yet-yielding; this alone is love."
Franz Kafka, from Diaries1910-1923 (Random House, 2009)

(Source: violentwavesofemotion)

"I seek and don’t find myself. I belong to chrysanthemum hours, neatly lined up in flowerpots."
Fernando Pessoa (via journalofanobody)
"Individuals can choose to disengage from external tasks, decoupling attention, in order to pursue an internal stream of thought that they expect to pay off in some way. The pay off may be immediate, coming in the form of pleasing reverie, insight, or new synthesis of material, or it may be more distant as in rehearsing upcoming scenarios or projecting oneself forward in time to a desired outcome. Projection backward in time to reinterpret past experiences in light of new information is also a possibility. All of these activities, which take place internally, sheltered from the demands of external tasks and perception, offer the possibility of enormous personal reward."

(by oskarzapi)
"I Give Up My Fate Entirely!"
László Krasznahorkai, Seiobo There Below, trans. Ottilie Mulzet (via differenceetrepetition)